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Association under Mongolian law.


2A-3-01 5th bag,


Bulgan aimag, Mongolia


Associative statutes

Click to access Ecosoum's statutes.

Intellectual property


The names "Ecosoum" (in Latin) and "Экосум" (in Cyrillic), the logo, the domain names and the whole website, as well as the texts and illustrations composing it, in particular photographic and multimedia, are the property of Ecosoum or are used by it with the agreement of the owners of the copyrights or the right on the marks. As such, they are protected by international laws relating to intellectual property. It is thus forbidden to reproduce, modify, use or re-use the Ecosoum trademark, its logo and the contents of the website for any purpose without the agreement of Ecosoum.

Right to privacy

If your name or your photograph appears against your will on this website, please inform us and we will proceed to their withdrawal as soon as possible.



Photos by Pierre G.

Graphics by Jane S.

Pictograms by Freepik.

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